Useful information


This edition's activities are centred on the Cité quarter in the centre of Lausanne. The Festival staff look forward to welcoming you and providing you with all the information you need. They also assume crowd control duties when things get busy.

The Festival staff are identifiable by the T-shirts they wear.


During the Festival, the Festival Office is where to hand in or enquire after lost property.

Its address is Place de la Cathédrale 12

Once the event is over, the Festival Office (021 311 03 75 / will remain open for lost property from 16 to 30 July 2018 

Property remaining unclaimed after this will be transferred to:

Lausanne Lost Property Office, Place de la Riponne 10 (021 315 33 85).


A first aid station is provided at the top of the market stairs in the “Salle des Français” at Place de la Cathédrale 1.


The Festival de la Cité Lausanne has contracted Protect Service to patrol the Festival site at night.

The contractor works closely with the emergency services in ensuring that festivalgoers are able to make the most of the activities. In the event of an incident, please follow the instructions of the organisers.