The Festival de la Cité Lausanne is characterised by three fundamental values:

The Festival de la Cité Lausanne offers artistic diversity that is unique and free: theatre; dance and performance; classical music, jazz and contemporary sounds; shows for young audiences; circus; literature; visual arts (all genres); architecture...

The Festival de la Cité is a contemporary, urban event in dialogue with the city, its residents and its visitors.

The Festival de la Cité promotes art in Lausanne, situational artistic agendas and, more generally, interaction between art, public realm and society. The Festival seeks to place the vibrancy of contemporary performing arts at the very core of the city's heritage.

Breaking away from the social, spatial and aesthetic limits imposed by specific contexts or financial parameters, it fosters encounters between large numbers of people, art and culture.

What marks the Festival out is its ambitious programming and convivial, offbeat spirit!


The Festival de la Cité Lausanne invites its audiences to discover programming that is at the same time accessible and popular, yet also edgy and disconcerting – with an emphasis on quality and originality.

The Festival de la Cité offers key events – innovative projects that put the spotlight on each edition: creations, encounters between artists, interdisciplinary projects, surprises, performances. The Festival prioritises situational projects and those that interact with the public realm, be it urban, natural or societal.

The Festival de la Cité challenges itself to initiate new projects each and every year, to realise new perspectives, to surprise, to do better and do different. Projects for which collaboration with Festival partners is welcome.

A melting pot of wildly diverse forms of expressions, the programming of the Festival de la Cité Lausanne is undeniably broad in scope!

It brings together emerging talent et proven values in the form of local and international artists, all of whom are professional.



No charge is made for the offerings.

We ask that everyone respect the artists and other festivalgoers by keeping nuisances and movement down to a minimum during shows.

Please also accept the fact that you may be unable to gain access to some of them due to the fact that admission is free.


The Festival de la Cité Lausanne is privileged to be able to organise six nights of cultural entertainment in the centre of Lausanne. Festivalgoers are encouraged to take good care of the urban environment, parts of which are rich in heritage value. By respecting the surroundings, you help us keep the Festival where it belongs – in the centre of Lausanne.

Thank you for keeping nuisances to a minimum and for respecting the neighbourhood by keeping noise down at the end of the evening and avoiding damage to buildings and vehicles.


 The Festival de la Cité Lausanne is committed to observing the health and safety regulations governing sound levels and hearing protection. The competent authorities conduct regular checks.

Festivalgoers with sensitive hearing and young people are nevertheless advised that some shows, especially those involving amplification, can be loud: consider using hearing protection.