Ensuring that Lausanne is more vibrant and appealing than ever.

Thanks to the support of the resident population and the region’s institutions, both public and private, the Festival de la Cité offers all comers the opportunity to experience an enriching artistic programme in a unique convivial context. For the past 47 years, the Festival has been offering in excess of sixty shows and concerts annually – all free of charge.
If you like the Festival de la Cité, its high-quality multidisciplinary artistic programming, the fact that it’s free, its connectedness with the city and its convivial, festive spirit, then why not show your support by becoming a Friend!

Every contribution adds a further stone to the edifice – an edifice comprising 35% in public subsidies and 65% in donations, private partnerships and receipts.

Participate in the renewal of the Festival, which has the effect of promoting Lausanne. Join us and take part in a cultural and convivial experience, which boosts Lausanne’s reputation as a city that’s both ambitious as well as welcoming.

In exchange for your support, you’ll benefit from a degree of backstage access: you’ll be able to meet certain artists, observe them as they prepare their creations and, if you want, become their ambassadors!


You can become a member of the Festival Friends by emailing your details to Friends of the Festival