The Festival de la Cité Lausanne runs smoothly thanks to the devotion of its valuable staff. 

Put your name down for the 2018 event!

The Festival de la Cité Lausanne has a staff of almost 400, all devoted to ensuring that audiences come away from this artistic gathering having enjoyed a unique experience.

Want to take part in this wonderful cultural adventure? Hungry for artistic discoveries, encounters and exchanges in a festive ambience? Then why not join our Festival de la Cité staff!!

The team works across a number of areas, all vital to the smooth running of the event. Some of our staff are paid, others are volunteers keen to offer their energy to the Festival.

The paid roles are limited in number, and we tend to reserve them for people who have demonstrated their loyalty by working at previous editions of the Festival. Moreover, paid staff are required to work throughout the event. In exchange for his or her contribution, every member of staff receives a number of benefits.

Click here (157.1 KB) for further details of the work involved!

To take part in the forthcoming event, all you have to do is register here and forward the documents we ask for to the following email address:


We hope you’ll be tempted to join our staff for the next event; if you have any questions, Nicolas Schmid will be happy to answer them for you.

Nicolas Schmid

Head of Staff
Festival de la Cité Lausanne
Bureau du staff
Place de la Cathédrale 12
1005 Lausanne
Tél: +41 21 311 03 75