First artists of the 2018 edition

Find out about the first artists of the 2018 edition of the Festival! The complete line-up will be revealed on Wednesday 30 May.

The Place - La Place du Tunnel

Public Baths (Bains Publics), by collectif Dakota & les 3 Points de suspension - participative installation

Collectif Dakota & les 3 Points de suspension - Bains Publics

A place does not exist in itself, it only exists thanks to the relationship that we develop with it

This sentence from the Public Baths project perfectly exemplifies the reason for which the Festival goes to the place du Tunnel! Public Baths is a participative installation. Made up of balneotherapy equipment and performances (jacuzzicar, sauna, thalassoponie (when a vegetable garden goes hand in hand with wellness), badness zone, egotherapy...), the installation aims to transform this urban space into a wellness zone. Dakota & les 3 Points de suspension offer a place outside of time to help us face our perpetually racing cities, on a place that is, in itself, an island in the middle of traffic. Public Baths turns wellness into a political action, and space into an interpersonal area, so as to transform our reality. The artists question our relationship with the world and our ways of inhabiting it. In this extreme wellness operation, they look for ways to act upon our representations of the world: they forego the notion of environment to embrace that of ecosystem comprising both the people and the things. The aim is to no longer think of the world as a separation but as a connection.

All you need to embark on this philosophical quest is your swimwear!

La Châtelaine - Place du Château

Compagnie Baninga / DeLaVallet Bidiefono - Monstres - on ne danse pas pour rien

Monstres - on ne danse pas pour rien, by Compagnie Baninga / DeLaVallet BIDIEFONO – dance

The end of construction work on the Château Saint Maire allows the Festival to set up a new stage dedicated to performing arts. La Châtelaine will host major performances thanks to its large and open set.

Among those: Monstres, by Compagnie Baninga led by the Congolese choreographer DeLaVallet Bidiefono. Following Au-Delà, created at the Festival d'Avignon, Monstres - on ne danse pas pour rien leaves behind the agony of war to focus on another fight to build a dream, a place dedicated to dance in Brazzaville. Eight dancers, three multi-instrumentalist musicians, and a performer step into the dance with a "monstrous" energy. There is no rest; we need to build the future. The scenery, a scaffolding that enhances the musicians, leads women and men into the battle. An uncompromising and ambitious play that carries the hopes of a young generation of African artists.

Photo: © Christophe Pean

Le Grand Canyon - Rue Pierre-Viret

Nadia Rose (UK) - hip hop grime

Nadia Rose (UK) - grime hip hop

Le Grand Canyon on the rue Pierre-Viret met with huge success last year, and now comes back with an urban and energetic programme. Among these artists: Nadia Rose, a young rapper from London that rose to fame in 2017 as the heiress of grime, a musical genre emerging from the United Kingdom in the years 2000 and embodied by the likes of Skepta and Wiley.

Photo: © Vicky Grout

La Perchée - Esplanade du Château

Marielle Pinsard - Et à part la musique, qu'est-ce que vous faites?

Et à part la musique, qu'est-ce que vous faites? by Compagnie Marielle Pinsard - theatre

Michel Zendali presents a new talk-show outdoors: "Autopsie d'un succès" (translating to Autopsy of a Hit). He will welcome Mark Moris, a Swiss songwriter and hitmaker, and his guests, including Yvette Théraulaz. On La Perchée, interviews, confessions, archive pictures, and testimonies will help outline this little known musician's career, study trends of the last decades in Switzerland and decipher the recipe for success in this humble, rich, and discreet country.

Photo: © Jay Louvion

La Face Nord - North Cathedral

Blind Butcher (CH) - disco punk rock'n'roll

Blind Butcher (CH) - disco punk rock'n'roll

La Face Nord, the Cathedral's jewel, hosts personal and festive concerts, like the genius band Blind Butcher. Signed on the major label Voodoo Rhythm, property of Reverend Beat-Man, the duo from Luzern delivers a well-balanced mix of rock'n'roll, punk, and disco.

Photo: © Ralph Kuehne

The Cathedral

Insub Meta Orchestra (CH) - musique contemporaine XXL

Insub Meta Orchestra (CH) - XXL contemporary music

Founded in 2010 by Cyril Bondi and d'incise, Insub Meta Orchestra is an electro-acoustic ensemble with thirty musicians coming from Switzerland and all over the world. Together they explore the balance between improvisation and composition. The concert is to be experimented at the centre of the Cathedral freed from its benches: a space that gives breath and air to this ensemble!

Les Marches - Bessières Bridge

Gwenaël Morin (FR) - Dandin

George Dandin by Gwenaël Morin (FR) - theatre

Gwenaël Morin presents George Dandin by Molière, performed by eight comedians without scenery or costumes: a radical theater performance devoid of artifice that should naturally fit the public space offered by Les Marches.

Photo: © Pierre Grosbois

La Route - Bessières Bridge / Curtat

Compagnie La Mondiale Générale - Sabordage

Sabordage by Compagnie La Mondiale Générale - circus acrobatics

Sabordage is the story of a lie told to humankind by humankind: the illusion of its importance, the trap of its existence, the art of persuading oneself that one's road does not lead to a sure death. A human circus, all about balance and ridiculous situations, beauty and self-destruction. On the rue Pierre-Viret closed to traffic, this unifying project favourably replaces private cars!

Photo: © Benoit Riff