Last minute

Every day, 100 seats are at your disposal at the last minute for the same day! Starting Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to participate in the show/ concert of your choice. You can call 077 507 19 88 between 10am and 2pm to register within the limit of availability!


Why do we need to register and possibly be subjected to a random draw to participate in Aux confins de la cité?

Current sanitary measures related to COVID-19 prohibit gatherings of more than 300 people. If the recommended distance of 2m between all attendees / family groups cannot be respected, health authorities require the possibility of tracing all participants of an event.

If demand exceeds availability, a random draw will help provide an equal opportunity for everyone wishing to attend.

The habitual Festival de la Cité, which usually accomodates around 100'000 attendees within Lausanne’s historic district, is cancelled. As of today, events of more than 1’000 people are prohibited until the end of August.

Aux confins de la Cité is a brand new event that was born out of circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Do I have to pay to participate in an event?

No, participation is completely free of charge.


Will the prescribed sanitary measures be respected during Aux confins de la Cité?

COVID-19-specific health and safety measures decreed by the Swiss Federal Council and enforced by the cantonal authorities will be applied. No unnecessary risk will be taken in order to ensure the safety of the public, staff and population in general. The team has created a protection plan in this regard.

The Festival de la Cité Foundation commits to collect personal data of all attendees of Aux confins de la Cité. Should a participant test positive for COVID-19, relevant information will be provided to cantonal authorities and a possible quarantine for those who were in contact with the aforementioned participant may be imposed.


How do I sign up?

A sign-up form is available online on our website: You can choose the performances, concerts, workshops or guided strolls you wish to attend.

Please sign-up only for the representations and time slots you are sure to attend.

For those who do not have access to a computer or internet may sign up using a paper form available at Info Cité and Lausanne Tourisme booths. You may send the form by mail (Courrier A) to the following address:

Fondation Festival de la Cité
Place de la Cathédrale 12
CH-1005 Lausanne


When is the deadline to sign up?

You may sign up online from Thursday, June 18 to Monday, June 29 inclusively.

Paper forms must be sent by mail (Courrier A) and postmarked before Monday, June 29.


If I sign up, can I bring guests?

Each person may bring up to three additional guests (a total of four per registration).


I received a confirmation e-mail, but I won’t be able to make it. Can I change my ticket for another time or day?

Unfortunately, registrations are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. If you have to cancel your attendance, please let us know as soon as possible:


When and how will I know that I have been selected?

Participants will be informed by e-mail on Friday, July 3 of the time and date of their performance or concert, as well as additional information about the event and the sanitary measures required.

Don’t forget to check your spam / junk e-mail folder on July 3, in case your confirmation mail ends up there.


If I didn’t sign up or if I did not receive a confirmation, can I still come to a performance or a concert?

Unfortunately, only registered persons and their guests can attend. We will appreciate if you register in order to help us comply with the authorities’ guidelines.


Can I sign up for several performances and concerts, and on different days?

Yes, you may sign up for all the performances and concerts you wish to attend. Follow the sign-up procedure as per the online sign-up form ( or paper sign-up form.

Depending on the demand, it is possible that you may only be given a confirmation for one of the performances and/or concerts that you have chosen in order to allow as many people as possible to participate.

If you sign up more than once, only the most recent one will count. Previous attempts will automatically be cancelled.


Can I come with my family to a performance?

Each registered person is allowed to bring three other guests per performance or concert (total of four per group).