Health Measures

The following plan was created as per section 3.3. of the Public Events Precautionary Measures, valid starting June 6, 2020. These guidelines were decreed by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on June 2, 2020.

The current capacity at our various locations is 300 people maximum.


All attendees must be aware and accept that, should a participant test positive for COVID-19, relevant information will be provided to cantonal authorities. Quarantine may be imposed to those who were in contact with the aforementioned participant.

Upon leaving the premises, we recommend that all attendees adopt appropriate behavior when in contact with others, especially towards people at risk. We ask people with signs and symptoms of illness to follow the FOPH guidelines on auto-isolation.

Physical Distancing and Site Surface Area

A 4 m2 surface area per person or family group is guaranteed in every location. However, the 2 m recommended distance will not be possible at all times.

During guided strolls and itinerant projects, every attendee is responsible for ensuring a 2 m distance between themselves and others.

Preventative Measures

Hand disinfection is mandatory upon arrival on the site or meeting point. We recommend that individuals at risk wear a face mask.

The preferred method of payment is by card, contactless if possible.


Registration is required to attend. Online registration and paper forms are available. Each person can reserve up to four spots maximum. Your personal information will be stored for 14 days after the event.