A graphic design that recalls the values of the Festival de la Cité

The Festival de la Cité continues its collaboration with Studio Alice Franchetti for the visual identity of its 52nd edition, which will take place from July 2nd to July 7th, 2024.

Articulated as a triptych with colors observable during the summer, the posters of this new edition once again play with the letters of the word "Cité" to evoke several variations, like rhymes to the annual reinvention of the Festival. A first variation in the size of elements that poetically responds to the intergenerational mission and the plurality of arts inherent to the Festival.

To this variation of scale is added a variation of colors that shimmer with fluid gradients oscillating between blue, green, and orange. Subtle chromatic shifts that invite appropriation of the panoramic view of the historic district of the Cité. Gradients that also shimmer on concentrated irises attentive to shows and concerts.

This triptych thus opens scenes of encounters and days and evenings filled with diverse emotions. Striking and bold graphic choices that herald a vibrant and magnetic edition !


An innovative studio of forward-thinkers

The Studio Alice Franchetti, established and active in Switzerland, divides its work between commissions, teaching, and research. Enhanced by the talents of Tamara Niklaus and with an adaptive approach, the studio forms tailor-made teams according to the specific requirements of each project, thus collaborating with various partners for cultural, institutional, and commercial clients. In addition to its design activities, the studio distinguishes itself through its involvement in innovative research projects, exploring the tools for creating digital archives in the field of architecture, demonstrating a constant willingness to push the boundaries of its practice.

Over the years, Studio Alice Franchetti has had the privilege of designing several remarkable visual identities, developing a profound reflection on systems and variations in the context of Swiss cultural posters and its presence in public space. Its reputation and expertise are regularly highlighted at conferences and exhibitions, and its work has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, both in Switzerland and internationally, thus consolidating its position among contemporary design players.