La Parade


Like a magical creature, the Parade is made up of several small entities that together form a festive and joyful whole. Its multicolored scales are made from recycled materials and assembled thanks to the collective and participatory work of the Fondation Eben-Hézer, the Maisons de quartier de Grand-Vennes and des Faverges, all orchestrated by Laboratoi/RE. On July 6, the Parade will stroll through the city to the sound of accompanying percussion instruments.

The public is invited to participate by joining the Parade along the route.

→ Parade departure
→ SA at 5:00 pm
La Riponne

Costume exhibition staged by Laboratoi/RE and Camille Scherrer, in collaboration with Pyxis Exploration Numérique, from September 7 to 21, at Maison Pyxis.


With the support of the Leenards Solidarités locales initiative and the Fonds participation culturelle de la Ville de Lausanne.